About Us

BuyAutoPartsOnline.ca was launched in 2014 to help fill a void in the Canadian online automotive industry.

Many Canadians purchase their OE & aftermarket automotive parts from US websites simply due to pricing and availability. All of these parts are available in Canada, but even with import fees, the exchange rate and shipping, it's still cheaper to order from a US website than it is to buy in Canada.

But why?

We asked ourselves the same question, which is why we launched BuyAutoPartsOnline.ca.

By partnering with a well-established, authorized distributor for industry-leading brands like ACDelco, Moog, Monroe, Raybestos, SKF, Mevotech (and many others), we have access to all of the top products. We've also kept our margins as low as possible, making our prices highly competitive. In fact, it's now cheaper to buy your parts in Canada than it is to order from the United States!

All of our parts are stocked in Canada and ship from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We don't pretend to be a Canadian website, we are a Canadian website.

Our Philosophy

What a lot of consumers don't know is that an automotive part goes through multiple hands before it's installed in a vehicle: The Manufacturer, an Automotive Buying Group, a local distributor and then finally, the shop that installs the part. Each of these exchanges adds a percentage to the cost of the part. If you take your vehicle to a shop to be repaired, you'll be paying the highest price, but you're also having the work done by a qualified technician. It's no different than if you were fixing your washing machine or computer.

If you're a DIY installer, you're looking for the best possible price, because you're going to be doing the work yourself. Many of our customers love working on their automobiles and helping their friends with big or small repair jobs. The DIY Installer is our #1 customer. We reward that loyalty by offering by offering our best prices, every day.

Our Strategy

Canada is a much smaller market than the United States, so in order to compete with massive US-based automotive websites, we have to not only keep our margins exceptionally low, but also our staffing levels. This means that the person responding to your email is likely the same person packaging your order. By streamlining all of our processes, we can compete with our American counterparts-- even with our low Canadian dollar.

We also believe that if you're willing to pay for a part, then we should do our best to try and find it for you. A lot of our catalog is listed as "May Ship", which simply means that we don't physically have it in our warehouse. Sometimes our distributor doesn't have it, but the manufacturer does. Most automotive sites (and brick-and-mortar stores) don't want to go through the extra hassle of direct shipping a part, so they simply tell you it's not available... We'd rather do a few minutes (that's usually all it takes) of leg work to make that sale than tell you it isn't available.